Book Snippet February 2012

I woke up in such a good mood this morning I have another snippet for y’all…oh and Carrie-Ann, Lucinda and Zaneta…WARNING this one DOES NOT have sex in it looool filthy cows hehe. This one is more “sweet” than “sexy”….enjoy xxx


Book Snippet February 2012

3 Feb 2012

…..She look so down trodden bless her. I opened my arms and hugged her and kissed the top of her head as she cried silent tears. She showed me her bruised wrists from the cuffs and I lifted them and kissed them.
What a wasted weekend for her. coming a 3 hour journey from home to party for my sisters birthday and to share a hotel room with just me only to be arrested at the height of the night and spend a night in jail.
She had to leave extremely early too as she had to get back to attend to her daughter.
Before she left she gave a me a gift. A gorgeous black and white mini dress with a black mesh across the chest area. So many gifts. She had already brought me the dress I had wore last night to the club, a beautiful long flowing one with a beautiful beaded jewel detail at the bust. She was always showering me with gifts.
As she drove home I sent her a picture of me still at the hotel with the new dress on. As I went to take the dress off I noticed a little rash was forming up my legs on my inner thighs, it looked very raw and red. I sent her another shot of myself this time nude to show her as I was a bit concerned. She said I looked beautiful and that it was probably some sort of shaving rash.

7 Feb 2013

The rash is now getting very itchy and sore and spreading. I think I am going to go doctors soon just in case.
It was my birthday today! I had all the family round in this one bedroom, in this B&B am I crazy or what? Well I love birthdays and I wasn’t missing out just because we don’t have a proper home.
Geraldine and Kimmy came too. Geraldine spent a lot of the time speaking to Tony, my mum kept giving me side glances when she saw Geraldine following Tony around.
Had a good birthday though. No drama just fun, fun, fun!

13 Feb 2013

My rash has spread and causes immense pain now, after so many tests and speculations it turns out the rash is brought on by stress?! Crazy.
Geraldine has been amazing. She came all the way from Uxbridge to my doctors to support me and keep me calm in Acton; a long journey even for me now since we live in a B&B far away. However because the B&B is temporary there is no point changing doctors.
She brought me home to the B&B and went back out to collect all my 8 prescriptions I thought that was so sweet of her. She said she would return again tomorrow to pick up my last prescription and help out with anything else that I needed.
It’s a relief in itself to know its just stress related at one point the doctor suspected I had contracted AIDS from a dirty needle that may have been used for one of my tattoos. That was a scary and ridiculous thought since the parlours I go to always use a new pack of needles to do my tattoos.

14 feb 2013

Swapped gifts with Geraldine. I know she is into those things “valentines” where I’m not usually.
I got her an engraved necklace. The necklace has our picture engraved on a heart shaped locket, its a picture from one of our “famous shisha nights”.
She absolutely loved it and said she would cherish it forever.
She brought me a foot spa and ‘Face Off’ DVD. I am so happy! These are two of the things I have wanted for such a long time and being a woman she actually listened and brought it for me when I least expected bless her.
I wanted to invite her to stay and hang out but I wasn’t feeling to good. This rash makes me feel itchy all over constantly now and my body is sore. I’m also very lethargic I’m sure its related.

Disclaimer: These events, locales and conversations are directly from my journal/ memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties.


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