Baby Daddy has a Tantrum

There are those people that no matter what the circumstance and situation, no matter the facts or people involved; there are those people that ALWAYS think they are RIGHT!

Them sort of people are not worth holding an intelligent conversation with let alone arguing with because the only thing they understand or want to hear is “your absolutely right”.

I can admit my mistakes and when I’m in the wrong. I can see things from other peoples perspective. The above mentioned people can’t and won’t!

Bless them they sorry they KNOW they are perfect. Poor little me I’m just HUMAN.

Yesterday brought both positive and negative vibes. It was a day where I had to choose to see whether ” the glass was half empty or full”.

“Baby daddy” and “Icequeen” had finally come across my new blog site address and were very upset upon its contents. Baby daddy responded immaturely in way of opening up a dialogue with his brother which was malicious, childish, and goading.

I would display the full email here but out of respect for my husband I will not today.

When I read this email I rolled my eyes, my first thought was WTF? My second was ‘oh just fuck off’  and thirdly I started to smile a creepy smile before bursting into a fit of laughter.

You see at first I immediately saw the glass as half empty but then I quickly realised it was half full.

Yesterday I saw a soar in stats I was getting 71 hourly views! The whole “Icequeen” category was booming. My views hit just under 200 for the day.

Baby daddy and Icequeen must of spread the word because only that category alone was soaring yesterday. Also yet again even though 40,000 words into my book almost on the verge of finishing I have slowed down making all sorts of excuses procrastinating BUT yet again they have both fuelled me, pushed me even to carry on. The stats show the book will most definitely be popular.

Somewhere in between my first and third thought, perhaps thought 1a? I admit I started plotting a sweet revenge on how I could f*** them up for ruining a whole HOUR of my day (I’ll never get that hour back) but then I realised that would have been a waste of my time and energy. Most importantly it would have made me just as psychotic as them.

There was scary speak of how my husband can’t control me? Listen Baby Daddy and Icequeen my response to all you had to say, now read carefully its very important…but first…lemme take a selfie…


This is me not giving a f***

Yes that’s right IDGAF!

Wait that was unfair and mean…lemme try again…

Hmmmm nope still not giving a f***

Hmmmm nope still not giving a f***

Just in case you didn’t get it the first time FUB’s IDGAF and nor do my family.

When we have the unfortunate burden of hearing from you, “we keep calm and carry on”

And in case you thought that my husband was hiding behind me, I think he already told you where to go!

Oh and Icequeen… “Bye Felicia”


Peace out xxx

P.s Thanks for the stat boost 🙂


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