FUB pt 2 aka Take the piss Tuesday

In life its very unfortunate but sadly true that not everyone gets along.
There will always be that one person (or two, three..you get the point) that we wish that would just disappear. Some I would go as far as wishing dead to be quite honest.

Most commonly there are those friends you fall out with and pray that they are not doing better than you because let’s face it you hold some bitterness or you can now look upon certain people and situations and laugh.

Dear FUB,

I have to admit seeing you after all this time I thought I’d have a cow, instead it looks like you and your fiance have beaten me to EATING A COW EACH.


I thought I might envy the life you stole from me instead I look at you all with your fake forced smiles and feel sweet relief.

I wanted so badly to still be mad at you, but I’m not I’m actually in fits of giggles.

You look hilarious I wish now I had accepted the invite to what looks like a freak show at a circus!


You and him look gross, I had to do a double take to make sure what I was seeing wasn’t deceiving me.


I’m honestly so glad that everything you worked so hard manipulating everyone around you for worked out. I’m glad what you have you call ‘happiness’ proving to me you still haven’t a clue what that word means.


Wow I’m trying to figure out whether y’all brought shares in McDonald’s or your so sick of each other you comfort eat? No sorry your still under the pretence of being “in love” oh gosh pahahaha that took me a while to type without laughing so hard.


You two are still perfect for each other I will give you that with both of you being FUB’s only difference is your ‘b’ stands for BITCH and his for BASTARD!

I have a great idea why don’t your write that into your upcoming wedding nuptials or have FUB inscribed on the inside of each ring? No need to thank me for my wisdom.

Sincerely yours,

Mean Girl

P.s (you can’t sit with us)




One thought on “FUB pt 2 aka Take the piss Tuesday

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