Working it proudly!

So I went out, I partied, I forgot my mummy duties for one night (almost) and had fun with the people I love.

For my lovely follower Chelle of I did manage to find an outfit for the night that I felt comfortable and sexy in!



I did have a dilemma before I left repeatedly changing outfits and belittling myself.
However my sister wouldn’t let me carry on (how selfish of you Chez).
She reminded me there were people who looked a lot worse after having a baby at which point I thought to myself “how selfish of me”.



I had tried on at least 4 dresses before settling on the fifth one.


I love the way the black sides hide any ” lumps and bumps”.
I’m not one of those women who try and squeeze into something tight that doesn’t look good just because its what everyone else is wearing, is fashionable or just ignore the fact it does nothing for my figure…have you seen those girls with their “muffin tops”?


Laughing and joking with my sisters before getting ready to leave I realised we all come in different shapes and sizes and we are all as beautiful as one another. Like me, my sisters dress according to their figures and they ‘work it!’ they gave me the extra confidence boost I needed to hit the town and feel fabulous.

My husband helped in that too when he received a photo message of me in my complete outfit, hair done and make up finished. His text read ‘woah hot mama’ that made me grin from ear to ear and gave me even more fuel to burn out on that dance floor.

When I hit that floor it was like I had never been pregnant, although every time I even thought about stopping I would think about my family and miss my newborn baby.

What no one told me…I pumped enough milk before I went out so my husband could give our baby the best while I was away. However by the end of the night due to all the pumping and being away from my little bubba not only was I leaking milk I started to become over full aka ‘engorged’ I tried my best to ignore it and sleep but 3 hours later the pain was unbearable and I had to rush back home earlier than expected the next morning to feed my lil milk monster.
So much for the lie in.

It was worth the night out though. Especially coming home to my family who had missed me. Daddy look tired, baby became relaxed as daddy said he was a fusspot most of the time I was gone…and my daughter well she is still at my mums relaxing after a party of her on (she got it from her mama) but me, daddy and Sj miss her.

Twas a great weekend and now its time to get back to mummy duties, peace out xxx


5 thoughts on “Working it proudly!

  1. Are you sure? I don’t see any lumps or bumps lol. I loveee the dress you chose, you worked it! It is a dress I would definitely pick up. I’m glad you had fun, you deserved a night out to let your hair down 😀


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