Enough is Enough!


Dear Monster-in-Law,

I am the mother of your grandchildren, The wife of your first born son and I am your “in-law”.

I work everyday to take good care of my children (your grandchildren), my husband (your son) and lastly myself (your daughter-in-law)

I cook for my family, I clean up after my family, I comfort my family and most importantly I show and give them love constantly.

My families needs come before mine every single day.

I work hard! Sometimes I admit I complain when I get tired but mostly I love my job as a mother and wife and no matter what you say, or how you say it I WILL NOT let you take it away from me with your harsh words, way and tone.


How dare you talk to me the way you do?

How dare you speak down to me?

How dare you TELL me how I am FEELING?

How dare you suggest I am VINDICTIVE, say things to me like what I am doing is BAD?

I am tired of trying to prove to you who I am and what I am about or what I am doing.

You are NOT good for me AT ALL therefore you are not good for my children.

I honestly and openly told you of my battle with Manic Depression and tried my best not to offend you when admitting you are in this current moment a trigger, so I would kindly like some space.


However for some reason, you chose to carry on?

Tell me FURTHER about MY behaviour.

Let me tell you something…EVERY ACTION HAS CONSEQUENCES.

Its time to cut the cancer that is you back out, because the more you grow, the more you get to me, infesting me, no doubt the more ill I will become. I wont allow that.

I refuse to waste any more tears on the pain and stress you have caused me in the past and to date recently. Instead I shall smile once again pretending that you are a non-existent factor in our lives just a distant memory.




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