I’m just here to be used

I’m the ying and your the yang
I build you up when no one else can
I’m the door mat you wipe your muddy shoes on
I’m the stubborn stain.

No one in my corner,
No one to end this by ringing the bell,
No one to stop me falling into the pit of hell.

I’m glad you feel better,
I’m glad you can stand tall,
It’s all about you not me at all.

Back and forth,
Forth and back,
Like a rabid dog with your viscous attacks.

Walk in my shoes and feel what I feel,
Look through my eyes and see what I see.

Why was I put here to be used again and again,
You can find me in the recycled item under “reusable friend”.

No matter who I speak to,
People listen with their eyes but not their ears or their heart,
It’s why there’s this great distant,
Why we are so far apart.

It’s ok I can fight my battles,
I’ve done it before,
I looked to you for help once but I won’t do it no more.

I stand alone I’m not part of your puzzle,
I simply do not fit,
When I’m gone will you even miss me one bit?


~Lady Blaze~


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