Postpartum SPD

For Lucinda, Lady of Milky Darkness aka Vidya, Christal, Nims, Loren, Hayley & My sisters

8 Days postpartum

Since I was discharged from my 4 day hospital stay my SPD has unfortunately still been plaguing me.
I was told by my GP it would no doubt suddenly disappear after giving birth if not drastically improve, as the weight of the baby growing was the major issue why the SPD was so aggravating.
I sat for hours in my hospital bed waiting for my epidural to wear off.
I was anxious and excited about being able to walk and move freely again without assistance.
Unfortunately that didn’t happen.
The SPD is worse and I am now on crutches.
Physio advised that I must always be handed my baby because the strain of picking him up will prolong my recovery.

The other restrictions imposed by my physiotherapist include;
•No hoovering, cleaning or cooking (its nice my husbands gets to take full control of this but I like things done a certain way and as his wife its important to me that I do all these things for him or at least share these chores).
•Physio exercises 3 times a day – other than that BED REST is a must!!!
•Treat ‘good’ days like ‘bad’ days – Even though I wakeup some days only in mild to moderate pain where I can move about more, I should still stick to just my light physio and then continue to rest.

The physiotherapist explained that my muscles in my pelvis and right leg had become so relaxed during pregnancy that they have given up on working. Its important that I retrain the muscles so that they regain their strength and within a matter of weeks I should be strong enough to walk unaided again.

Its a challenge having this condition so severe. Husband at work,other daughter at school I’m left to look after my newborn by myself even though I can barely take care of myself.
However I have a great support system of friends and family helping me, motivating me and encouraging me and it gives me the mental strength I need to carry on.

The same friends and family offer words and back it up with actions. Bringing me shopping, taking days or hours off work to help out where and when they can, setting up an escort to take my child to and from school I love them all so much.

Even though I’m obviously still very hormonal which of course contributes to the condition the same people have had such patience with me.

I realised last night this is not the first time I had a condition where I thought it was the end of the world and pulled through! I kicked PR, TWICE and lived to tell the tale!! I will kick this condition’s ass too!!


~Lady Blaze~


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