Labour part II

Finally after the last film we were interrupted by the doctors again who this time managed to successfully break my waters as I could relax enough pain free for them to reach high into my cervix.
Again Cerise, Shaun and I got excited we expected it to go really fast from here. Until the doctors said it could be up to another 6 hours before my contractions got strong enough for me to start the active pushing stage.
The next few hours we all decided to take naps. Cerise sat on a straight chair and rested her head on one of the desks in the room, Shaun slept upright in a nursing chair and I slept in upright position in the hospital bed in order to keep the epidural running through my spine.
However we weren’t asleep long as we couldn’t get comfortable in the positions we were in and also we were all so anxious to meet the baby.
Around 5am I woke in pain. Although the epidural was working it was only in parts. My pelvis where my SPD was its worse was not numb and I could feel throbbing and extreme aching.
The pain seared uncontrollably every 5 mins I called out to Shaun.
The midwife grew concerned she had been topping up the epidural and didn’t understand why it wasn’t working so she called the and anaesthesiologist. He made an observation and made the drug more concentrated. He told me every time it gets topped up I must sit up so that it can run downwards and not get stuck in certain spots.
The epidural started working again and I could relax somewhat.
Around 6am Cerise decided to get some fresh air. She went for a walk as nothing much was happening and I was in and out if sleep.
However at 6:30am my the CTG scan showed my contractions were finally strong enough and close enough to start the active phase soon so I told Shaun to call Cerise.
Cerise rushed back….

….an hour and a half later 8am it was finally time I could feel pressure in my pelvis regularly and the midwife suggested I stop the epidural top ups.
I still wanted a top up as I didn’t want to feel my SPD pain while pushing.
The midwife told me good luck as she was now swapping shifts and I would have another midwife to help me deliver the baby.
She said not to worry the baby would take no longer than 30 minutes to be delivered as she could feel he was really low and the contractions were really strong.
This was it!
I asked the new midwife to top up the epidural and that I wished to deliver pushing on my side as my SPD was severe.
She agreed but warned the epidural may not kick in till after baby was delivered. I was willing to take the risk.
I told Shaun and Cerise to come close to the bed.
I held each of their hands and asked them if they were ready.
At 8:24am once I was lying on my side and could feel a building pressure again I started pushing when I was instructed and squeezing my birth partners hands.
They were both so encouraging. Cerise grew so excited that she finally built up the courage to carry out my request of filming the birth. Earlier I had played the ‘sister card’ and also chimed in “but you watch one born every minute”.
I was so tired from being at hospital so long I wasn’t sure I could do it I had no energy.
Every time I took a deep breathe to push I ended up coughing, to my surprise it helped “did you see that I can see the head bobbing in and out as she coughs” the midwife pointed to Cerise.
“Yeah oh my gosh!” I heard Cerise squeal.
“Keep coughing Carley!” The midwife advised.
I thought is she for real? Cough?
I kept pushing and the midwife kept saying “come on push right down to your bum” “push from your chest, not your bum”!
Finally I felt this big ball come out. “Slow down, slow down you don’t want to tear, push nice and slow not to hard, not too fast” the midwife carried on advising.
But I was finding it hard I was excited, exhausted and to elated. Plus there was this huge pressure I needed to get the rest of him out!
“He’s pushing himself out you don’t even have to do anything” the midwife said.
Then all of a sudden ‘pop’ the rest of him was out.
“Wow oh my gosh” Cerise said.


“Well done” Shaun and Cerise both chimed.
Shaun who had been kissing me constantly, holding my hand and whispering encouragement the whole time gave me one last kiss and stood up straight to look at his son.
Cerise cut the cord and I cried silently happy and relieved the hard part of labour was finally over.
He was cleaned up, put under my gown and put straight on my skin.
My son! Shaun Jnr weighing 7lbs 3oz at 8:44am. I had pushed him out in just 20 minutes.


The end…no just the beginning.

Thank you Cerise, Thank you Shaun for being the dream team that you are and supporting me the whole way through. Love you both so much xxxx


~Lady Blaze~


2 thoughts on “Labour part II

    • I totally understand not a lot of personal time when you got baba it’s all about them lol. Thanks so much. I’m so happy he is here 😀 hope you and your sweetie pie are still getting on well? Xx


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