Infusion & induction

The 6 hour drip

On a scale of 1-10; my SPD will range from 1 being a pain free day and 10 is an excruciating paralysing pain.
40 weeks + 1 I woke up feeling like a 4/10. So I took advantage and made breakfast for my family and while I called them to breakfast I also made lunch to put in containers to eat later, packed snacks and filled bottles of juice for each one of us.
I knew it was going to be a long day at the hospital and wanted to be prepared.
I made sure Shaun had his iPad and charger, Amarie packed some dolls and that I had my Google Nexus tablet so that we would be at least moderately entertained while I was being fed iron intravenously.


When we arrived on the ward I wasn’t hooked up to my IV until 2 hours after arriving.
When the drip started there where a lot of breaks in between:
The drip released iron for 15 minutes then stopped for 15 minutes.
Whenever the machine would stop my blood pressure and temperature where taken to make sure I wasn’t haven’t adverse side effects.
The drip released iron for another 15 minutes then stopped for 15 minutes. Blood pressure and temperature taken again.

This cycle repeated until the dosage was turned up and then the cycles went from 15 minutes to 30 minutes then eventually 45 minutes with equal breaks.
At the 4 hour point my husband asked the midwives how soon would I be induced.
The midwife looked confused then checked my maternity notes.
That’s when she realised I was not to be released and to be booked as an inpatient and stay overnight.
She said I would be induced either later in the evening or early morning.
I could see Amarie was starting to get frustrated and told Shaun I was grateful for him staying but it was time for him to go rest and to take Amarie home as I knew the baby was not likely coming that night.


I was woken early to start the induction process I was so excited I couldn’t wait to have my baby in my arms.
I was given a hormonal gel called Prostaglandin to ripen my cervix.
I had read about it beforehand and it had good reviews and results for starting labour quickly.
Women reported going into labour within hours of having the gel although some took days. I was hoping to be one of the lucky ones as I have always been highly sensitive to medicine.
I was given the gel at 7:15am.
Contractions were likely to start within the next 6 hours. When this happened and as long as they were regular I would be sent upstairs to the labour ward.
I watched programs on my Nexus, went on social networks to update family and friends, read my kindle. I done everything to pass the time.
Every 45 minutes my statistics were checked.


6 hours later…I was having regular contractions but not strong enough to be sent to the labour ward.
There was nothing else the medical team could do but wait as putting in more Prostaglandin would overstimulate my uterus and cause danger for the baby.

Labour part I

Shaun came to visit even though the induction didn’t seem to be progressing. I made him sit with me in the bed and cuddled him close as I cried and relayed to him how painful the gel insert was with my SPD and my cervix being closed.
He gave me lots of kisses and reassurance and I was soon feeling fine again.

I was monitored all day and so was baby via a CTG monitor.
All day apart from the steady mild contractions nothing much happened. I was so bored and frustrated despite having Shaun and all my devices to keep me entertained. I wanted this baby out now!!


Finally at 6pm the midwives said the doctors wanted to break my waters to speed up the labour.
I was excited again.
I was moved to labour ward and immediately told Shaun to phone my other birth partner my sister Cerise.

Cerise turned up excitedly. Shaun, me and Cerise (The dream team) excitedly chatted and nervously awaited doctors to rupture my membranes.


Unfortunately after a painful examination the doctors explained it was going to prove difficult to break my waters as my cervix was found to be very high and I was only dilated 1cm.

The pain was so bad they offered an epidural before trying again to examine me or rupture the membranes
The epidural was like no other pain I have felt before.

My previous epidural with my daughter 7 years ago was so different. I felt nothing when they freezed my back back then. This time I felt everything.
Although one of the doctors had entertained us and kept me distracted with silly photo ideas before setting up the epidural


I was laughing no more when it was time for the needle to be inserted into my back.
I held my sisters hand and let the doctor hold me close as I screamed out loud and cried my eyes out in pain when I felt the needle penetrate my spine.
I’m quite amazed I managed to stay upright and still as this was happening.
It felt as though someone had stabbed me really forcefully but slowly making sure I felt every ounce of pain then left the knife in my back.
Finally after the initial insertion, the drug was pushed through the tube that was now securely attached to my back. I felt relief as the ice cold fluid went down my spine.
I was able to sit back in bed almost completely comfortably and wait for the drug to travel down my belly, legs and the surrounding area.
The doctors returned shortly to do another examination and confirmed I was still only 1cm and a half dilated. I turned to my sister and we both shared the same shock in our eyes.
“Come on son, give mummy a break and come out” I thought to myself.
They doctor tried to break my waters but it proved next to impossible so he said he would give me a little while and try again shortly.
The ‘Dream Team’ and I carried on laughing and joking amongst each other trying to past the time when suddenly some of the bad side effects of the epidural became apparent.
I felt so dizzy it felt like the whole room was spinning and I started violently vomiting.
When I thought I was done I would throw up some more. I almost fell off the bed I felt so dizzy.
I was scared and tearful and screamed out Shaun’s name. I wasn’t sure how he could help but just him being there made me feel safe. He held my hand and stroked my head.
The midwife seemed frustrated as I couldn’t control myself or where the vomit went. I felt so bad for her cleaning my vomit off the floor.
Eventually it stopped and my sister, Shaun and I continued what we said felt like one of our sleepovers where we watched films and normally got drunk (before this pregnancy began).
There was a tv in this room and we had snacks so we watched ‘Ghost Rider’ and then ‘A Time to Kill’….


~Lady Blaze~


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