40 week appt at Antenatal Clinic

I was tired, in a lot of pain and truly fed up with being pregnant. I was determined to cause a scene if my request for an induction at this point wasn’t granted.
My SPD condition was so severe now it was really starting to depress me.

The midwife did all the usual checks; fundal height, blood pressure, checked the baby’s heart rate with a Doppler.

I asked her how soon could I be induced, she said at least 7 days. I stared at her dumbfounded. I said I couldn’t wait that long as I couldn’t walk most days without crippling pain. She suggested 5 days instead and explained it would be better for me and baby if he came naturally.

I was upset but didn’t want to risk my son’s health, or risk mine any further.

Before leaving her office the midwife checked my blood test results from my 38 week check up. She was confused as to why the test hadn’t been done at my 28 week appointment and furthermore why no one had told me the results.

She said my haemoglobin levels were quite low but shouldn’t be too much to worry about.

After hearing this my appointment had come to an end so I went to leave. However luckily for her I walk extremely slow and 5 minutes later she caught me as I was about to walk through the exit.

She said the lead consultant was not satisfied with my blood levels and that the consultant wanted to speak with me.

The consultant was immediately worried when she called me to her office and saw the extent of my SPD. She was worried that perhaps the baby was to heavy as she was shocked at my immobility. She took me to get an emergency ultrasound scan to measure my son.
His measurements looked normal, however she found his amniotic fluid was very low.

After a few more tests. The doctor explained it would be best if I was induced within the next 48 hours due to the combination of my SPD and the low amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. She also said because of my low HB levels I would need an iron fusion before baby was born because the results showed I was highly anaemic.

I went home that day angry, confused and upset. The fact I had been given late blood test results so late that I would need a iron infusion via intravenous drip for 6 hours as opposed to iron tablets for a few weeks leading up to full term to lower my risks of a blood transfusion had me fuming!

The fact only now someone from the hospital had recognised how severe my SPD was and then the fact after numerous checks every 2 weeks of measuring the fundal height and checking the position of the baby they had no idea that my baby was running low on fluid?

When I relayed all the info to my husband he was just as angry as me, more so even. We were so close to the birth of our son and the hospital seemed very laid back about any health and safety issues until this point. We both also worried about the fluid. How long could or would Sj survive on low fluid?

That night we worried throughout and eventually phoned a midwife to explain our concerns. She reassured us the baby would be fine and that we shouldn’t stress.


~Lady Blaze~


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