Book Snippet; Diwali 2011

Around the end of 2011 I had been with Shaun for almost 8 and a half years. At this point Aaron had taken advantage of my friendship circle quite a bit with no success and decided that it was time to throw in the towel and look elsewhere as, my social circle did not have the kind of women that wanted to be with someone like him. He made a resolution not to look for a woman in my circle of friends any longer.

This was around the same time I rekindled a friendship with Geraldine. Little did I know back then that inviting her back into my life was going to cause the biggest shift in mine, Shaun and Aaron’s life .

Diwali October 2011

I wanted to turn around and go home. I had been stuck in the same spot of traffic for hours. At one point I fell asleep for a good 30 minutes only to wake up still in the exact same spot I was in when I had fell asleep; Southall.
I text Geraldine to tell her I wanted to turn around as it had already taken me over 2 hours to reach this point when I should have reached her home within an hour of leaving my mum’s house. She desperately begged me not to turn around. Said she really wanted to see me even if I couldn’t stay long, even if she had to pay for a cab to take me home late into the night. I thought she was so sweet and is was nice to feel wanted, so I got comfortable on the bus once more and prayed the traffic would soon let up. It was Diwali and everyone was celebrating in the street and the roads which was what was holding up the traffic making it crawl at a ridiculous slow speed.
I finally reached Geraldine’s in total it had taken me 3 hours from my mum’s to her house.
Her daughter was sleeping and I was gutted I really wanted to see how much she had changed since I had last since her over a year ago.
I got to peek in her cot while she was sleeping soundless. Still so beautiful. I loved her daughter.
Everyone had long forgotten about Geraldine after she had, had her daughter. I too had shown not a lot of interest because to me although fascinating, she was what I saw as ‘my sisters friend’ or ‘a friend, of a friend’.
However that night we grew closer and become “official” friends. We played computer games, got tipsy and caught up on gossip. We even started to get real deep for a moment until her other half turned up and that was my cue to leave. He was a night shift worker and wanted to go straight to sleep when he got in and as loud as we were being after the glasses of alcohol we had consumed I knew that was not a possibility.
Geraldine called me a cab and I returned home.
I left with a big smile on my face I had such a good time and felt so connected to her. I felt like she understood me because she was like me, I hadn’t felt like that in a long time and it felt so good.
After that night I became a regular at her home. I would visit her every couple of weeks or stay in contact with her constantly through Facebook. I thought she was amazing. She was so funny, inappropriate and a caring mum.


Disclaimer: These events, locales and conversations are directly from my journal/ memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties.


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