Book Snippet; Diary Entry 6 March 2013

6 March 2013 So update and a half. Geraldine and Aaron reached their one year anniversary and I ruined it by outing Geraldine as a fake and a cheater. I had enough! Aaron once again had come full on with an attack on me telling me to stay out of him and hers relationship and to accept what her and I had is in the past. He then went on to accuse me of ‘playing victim’ which really through me into a rage and excused me of basically stalking his girl with nude photos and inappropriate mail. I went H.A.M and outed the bitch!!! I told him about her behaviour towards me, how we had slept together recent as new years, how she had cheated with Freddy and tried to initiate a threesome between me, her and John one of her ex-lovers. It turned into a long drawn out drama with Aaron pulling on my heart-strings mailing his brother to find out who she cheated with. Mailing me over and over to which I ignored. A day or so before she lost her baby and that alone was the weirdest sight I had seen. She put on this strange act telling me she was glad it was never meant to be, joked about pub and how we could still party together now that the baby has died. She would pretend to be upset when ever someone would call including Aaron. When the drama began she was in hospital getting a “Dilation & Evacuation” of her dead foetus causing another drama, posting pictures on Facebook and other social networks. Writing statements about how happy she was going to be to lose the weight once it was over.  She could have let the baby pass naturally but no she had to go the hospital route. Anyhow it’s finally ended with a number change on my part and Aaron going back to Geraldine with his tail between his legs. Before the number change I contacted her to get some sort of answer to what her end game was and she admitted that she was confused the whole time she pursued me and said she wasn’t  in love with me it was all her illness. I asked her if that’s what she told Aaron and she said yes. I then asked her did she tell him that and is she also telling me this because she is scared she will lose him again. She said she couldn’t answer that because she could no longer trust me not to say anything to Shaun. I took that as she was not confused but lying yet again to save Aaron and to save herself. I am so close to hating this woman its scary!! Disclaimer: These events, locales and conversations are directly from my journal/ memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties.


2 thoughts on “Book Snippet; Diary Entry 6 March 2013

  1. Sounds intense girl! You would be doing the right thing but removing yourself from that type of situation. She sounds like a very lost person. Good luck!


    • Oh I hv since June 2013 and then reading back my journals on the whole situations caused by her and others I realised I have my gold mine and started typing up all my diary entries for mmmm the last 7-10 years that includes such horrible a dramas like this one that I can thankfully say I am no longer involved in any 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting xx


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