Journal Entry; Baby Shower

Giving birth to Amarie, My wedding Day, Getting pregnant and finding out it’s a boy…every birthday and now today;  top moments in my life.

Feeling so happy and blessed.

This pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest and I just want to thank my friends and family for their continuous support and light that has helped me through each stage.


I have mentioned before in one of my YouTube videos that pregnancy can sometimes become a very lonely journey, but with friends and family like mine it is impossible to feel such.

Was a great turn out and their was so much love and warmth in my household my hormones got the best of me and I cried like a fool, but hey I’m pregnant it happens.

I was worried leaving the baby shower preparations up to my sisters that they might forget something but everything was perfect. There was food, decorations and party games and most of all they made all my guests feel welcome and included.BABYSHOWER (20)


One of the best games was ‘Who knows Mum Best’ I was almost choked up at how well all my friends know me, showing how close we all are. I was also shocked how terrible my mums memory is, who couldn’t remember specific things about me, had to laugh at that. My music celebrity crush “Justin Bieber”? Mum really? NO WAY! NO HOW! It’s #TeamRihanna doh! haha.

I was having a good day thank goodness, I was able to walk, dance, smile and converse like a normal person as opposed to lying in bed all day in pain feeling sick and sorry for myself.

If there's an opportunity to dance I'm there!

If there’s an opportunity to dance I’m there!

I got everything I needed for my hospital bag, for baby when he comes home and even luxury items I wanted but don’t necessarily need.PRESENTS (4)

My friends and family spoil me rotten and I love and appreciate it and so will my new son.

I am just so full of emotion and gratitude to know that these wonderful people took time out of their busy lives to accommodate me and bump.

Another experience, another blessing, another great moment of 2014 thank you family and bests friends me, Ama, Shaun and bump love you all xxx


~Lady Blaze~


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