web of lies and deceit

He hurt you, he raped you, you let him touch your child.

You took drugs and alcohol to end your foetus’ life. 

You got reported, you seemed so surprised,

Never thought you would get tested on your lies. 

If you loved your daughter so much as you claimed,

Why would you leave this man alone with her again and again?

If he raped you and it upset you so,

Why did you beg him back and give birth to his baby though?

When confronted about your stories they changed every time,

You claimed I misunderstood and that I was in fact lying.

I try not to judge but your life seems such a mess,

Yet you smile, laugh and brag how it’s the best. 

You once said you were scared your daughter would grow up to be just like you,

You claimed you was touched as a child too. 

You web of untruth was cleverly woven you trapped so many in your net,

Once stuck myself is something I will never forget. 

Your defence is your mentally ill,

You say this whenever you can’t deal. 

Who lies about violence and sexual abuse to compete?

The same person who enjoys deceit. 

So now you live happily ever after with a rapist and molester,

Think about it and let those thoughts fester. 

What a brilliant environment your children have to grow,

You apparently have a split personality and your fiancé is a psycho. 

You cheated, you lied, you done so many shocking things,

How did your other half react? He rewarded you with a ring!

You won’t ever change and he is fine with that,

Your happy too as long as he always takes you back. 

The world is sinister and twisted for all that which you and him have been blessed,

The universe has some explaining to do or least have your situation reassessed. 

Abusive and neglecting families disgust me I can honestly say they are people I hate!

I hope my actions forced you to better yourself and reevaluate. 

~Lady Blaze~


2 thoughts on “web of lies and deceit

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  2. Reblogged this on JOURNEY WITH CARLEY and commented:

    #Timehop it’s a reblog of last years post today because I’m feeling sentimental and because I totally forget to schedule a post this week *hides face* come on guys I’m only human….Anyway I wrote this poem about 2 characters you have probably come to know very well if you have followed my blog from the start or if in fact you purchased a copy of my book. It’s really morbid, quite dark and may cause controversy but it’s also very real.


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