What do we have in common?

I recently had a very long conversation with one of my best friends aka this years ‘muse’ (she inspires so many things in me). 

In the middle of our conversation she raised a very peculiar subject that both shocked me and made me giggle. 

She asked ‘what do we actually have in common?’ She admitted amongst my social circle she felt as though she didn’t quite fit in for a variety of reasons. 

Reasons being my crowd can be very loud, wild and they love to party. 

I’m widely perceived as a ‘party girl’. So many people assume this from what they see in my social media networking sites, the conversations I bring up about what I’ve been doing in my spare time and from what I generally project when someone meets me for the first time. 

Mostly I like the presumption it shows who knows me well and who doesn’t. 

I reveal all of me only to the people closest to me. I only open up to people I truly care about and or love. Although granted I have been emotionally scarred from opening up to the wrong people in the past. Which is why I prefer to let most people these days just make their assumptions and not correct them if they are no more than just an acquaintance. 

The truth is I do like to party but that is not all there is to me. 

It made me realise although me and my favourite muse have been best friends for a number of years, in recent years a certain distance must have opened up between us for her to suddenly think or make an assumption that I’m just a wild party girl which couldn’t possibly have anything in common with this lovely angel in order for us to remain best friends. 

The truth is that opposites attract I told her. We may be different from one another but that’s what’s so appealing and fascinating about our friendship. 

We also happen to naturally get along very well. 

Our friendship has lasted because unlike seasonal friendships I have had in the past, she is different in the way that she has never tried to compete with me, imitate me or ‘keep up’ with me. 

This friend has always just been herself and comfortable with that fact. I love that about her. With her being comfortable in knowing that her personality should be enough for me and our friendship, and her being comfortable knowing I will always be ‘me’ we have endured a great friendship. 

Always loving, caring, supportive, non judgemental or bias these are the things we share and have always had in common. She would do well to remember that because that’s what’s makes our connection and bond strong, forever. 

For Juicy Lucie x


~Lady Blaze~


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