Pregnancy Rant!

Sick and tired of peoples attitude and opinion on what it will be like when our new addition will arrive.
I’m sure in some ways it will be hard because budget isn’t as big as it was with the first one, because cot death is still a major worry, because a boy is different from a girl HOWEVER please, please, PLEASE! SHUT UP about how hard it will be just because I will have two.
No. 1 Some of you don’t have ANY but see fit to try scare with m with horror stories. Some of you ONLY have one and are not even close to pregnant with your SECOND so hush!
No. 2 I am experienced mother, aunty and qualified childminders! I have looked after children all my life!
No. 3 Have you met my well behaved daughter? Know what she’s well behaved because my husband and I did a pretty good job the first time round! Maybe your children run a mock but even though I can be crazy fun and amusing for children, I am also strict where need be which has helped my daughter and others I look after learn boundaries and acceptable behaviour around me.
No. 4 I have a hands on, experienced, biological father who is my husband here to help just like he has been throughout our daughters life! He in fact initially raised her and cared for me for months straight after she was born because I was sick!
He admits he is quite offended people often disregard this or act as if he is not here. He pointed out I’m never alone and he ids here especially when I need a break.
No. 5 I have a whole network of friends and family just like before (even more so this time) willing to help if need be.
Special thanks and shout out to friends like Janice who has no children but babysat my daughter without hesitation when I really needed her to, she watched her all day, didn’t complain when I was late picking her up an even asked us to stay a little longer so she could treat us to dinner!
Thanks to Jasmine, Shinel, Paulina, Zaneta and other friends not to mention my brothers, sisters and mother that take my daughter “just because”.
No. 6 My daughter will be 7 years old not long after the baby is born. Ama is very independent an advantage of growing up sibling free for all these years, yes there’s a chance she may slightly regress and want more attention when baby is around but I know me and her dad can handle it IF it happens. She is very excited and can’t wait to meet her new brother. She is very helpful while I’m pregnant and hopefully will continue to be so because again she was raised to be caring, loving and unselfish.
No. 8 Ama is at school all day. She leaves 8:30am and arrives home 3:45pm. All day Shaun and I will have with baby until Ama comes home. Plenty time for divided attention between the two and to be organised.
No. 9 I am pretty organised, one thing all mothers should agree on is babies/children love routine! My daughter sure does and its what has helped greatly in moulding her good behaviour.
No. 10 And most IMPORTANTLY its none of YOUR business! If I ask you directly “how will it be once I have 2 children?” Please feel free to answer me your honest opinion, I asked after all.
I know some of y’all are trying to help and I appreciate it BUT it seriously stresses me out so please stop!
As one good friend pointed out let me make my own mistakes, its my journey after all.
And special thanks to my sisters who know me so well, not only have they been helpful they have never said anything on the subject but in fact are the only ones who have predicted life won’t change much at all because I’m me!

Rant over!

Peace out xxx


~Lady Blaze~


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