Random Short Post; Family feuds & Lying to your child/children

My husband, daughter and I was watching old home DVDs of the first 3 years of our daughter’s life.

Things can change so fast and so extremely.

We were watching a particular clip where my husband and I are joking away with his brother (whom we are no longer involved with) when suddenly my daughter says “aww is this when you and ****** used to like each other daddy?”

I half wanted to laugh out of embarrassment for my husband since she was staring at him so intently waiting for an answer and half wanted to cry because the DVD had brought back such lovely memories it was sad to think how much love had turned into well…

I try hard not to involve our daughter in fallouts and especially adult business. Its not her fault things have changed and that her uncle is no longer her “uncle”.

I asked both my husband and daughter why she had asked that question and neither answered just giggled and carried on watching the screen.

Today I was talking to my daughter about different types of love and again she approached the subject of her ex “uncle”.
We were talking about how sometimes people stop loving over people and she said “like daddy and his brother?” And giggled.

So I asked her again why she would say that and she replied “daddy told me”.

Another thing I dont encourage is lies in this house but as the “family feud” was adult business I wasnt going to elaborate to my 6 year old the complications of why she needed to understand her statement to be true.

It was hard for me because knowing she will soon meet her own sibling in the coming weeks, I dont want her thinking not liking or not loving your sibling is normal.

So I simply replied “ok”.

Maybe we will revisit when she is older, maybe her daddy will tackle it further as its his sibling and not a relation of mine.

What would you do? Would you lie and fob your child off? Elaborate or simply do as I did and say “ok”


~Lady Blaze~


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