28 Weeks!

Pregnancy update for all you beautiful, mums to be, followers, friends and family alike.

Enjoy xxx


4 thoughts on “28 Weeks!

  1. Hi! Love the vid! I know what you mean about being tired and heavy but you look great! I just reached 38 weeks today and I am freaking out!!! Only 2 weeks to go! Can’t wait to read/see some more of your posts, good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!


      • Oh yeah, when I quit work I was kinda getting a little cabin fever so I put all my crazy into making a birth plan (complete with pretty colors). Now I am just so exhausted though, I don’t care how this kid gets out. 😉


      • Cabin fever ahhh yes perfect way to describe it lol, I think I have that right now, Im so bored n going crazy up in here! Haha pretty pictures dont tempt me…might do the same to pass the time hehe xx


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