WordPress Blogging One Year Anniversary

Wonderful news!!

I have been notified it is my ONE YEAR WORDPRESS ANNIVERSARY!

I have been blogging for a whole year.

Last year I successfully created 2 blogs:

One strictly informative about a self-limiting rash known as Pityriasis Rosea in the Black community as I contracted it twice but found no helpful images or texts relating to the disease on black skin. So I created pityriasiscarley.wordpress.com which has become remarkably popular and received a lot of praise from all over the world.

The second blog I created lostincarley.wordpress,com (now since deleted due to a brighter outlook on everything) was also very popular and received a mass following and a substantial hit rate. The daily statistics not to mention the motivation and encouragement from the public was amazing.

I have now since created a third blog, this one you are reading here and it is slowly becoming as popular as the last ‘Personal Journal’ Blog i previously had.

I would like to thank all my followers, friends and family for your support on my journey to become a great blogger and soon a published author!

I would also like to thank “Icequeen” and “Baby Daddy” for putting me through turmoil, heartache and so much drama last year that not only did it make me ill enough to start an informative blog about the skin disease but also produce 2 subsequent successful blogs and a soon to be released book…wooohooo almost 20,000 words in so exciting.

Once branded a “fake bitch who likes to play the victim” by “Baby Daddy” I turned my drama and toxic filled life around to become the “heroine” of my own story and used my horrible past to inspire others.


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