Random post; Thought of the day

My favourite author admitted yesterday “I used to be confrontation…I always had to be right” she has since changed and written this amazing inspiring book “words from a wanderer ~ Alex Elle”.
Reading her honesty about who she used to be and reading who she is now inspires me further.
So many times I have thought to myself “you need to fight more”, “be more confrontational”, “argue relentlessly” because so many negative, angry people around me did it and it was beginning to look like “the norm”.
I’ve tried it, and I’ll be honest in the moment it made me feel a certain level of power.
However too much power is never good. On reflection I thought to myself upsetting people and making them feel bad shouldn’t feel good and when I dug deeper I knew it didn’t feel good for neither them or me.
I love Alex Elle and her first book and excitedly await the second.
Her book teaches you to embrace pain and all sorts of dark emotions, that it’s ok to be sad sometimes as long as ultimately you overcome those times and shine with the sun when it dries up all the rain.
“I had to learn to embrace the rain…The sunlight isn’t the only thing that makes me happy anymore now that I can endure my storms”~ Snippet from Words of a Wanderer by Alex Elle.
Be kind to others and don’t let them or anything in this world hold you down or turn you into something bitter. Were better than that and stronger or at least we could be if we at least try to be better.


~Lady Blaze~


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