Random short post; Hormones


One minute I’m happy, the next sad, then delirious.
Hormones are so frustrating!
Anything but happy or neutral pisses me off.
Just last night I was teary eyed and sad so suddenly I got confused, I couldn’t figure out how days and weeks of happiness could suddenly have me feeling all weepy.
Another thing that drives me bonkers is the ‘forgetfulness’ aka ‘baby brain’ I find myself getting lost in conversations I started, lost in my apartment and worst of all lost when I’m out in my local area! How is this all possible?
I have a small frame, most haters call me skinny so when British weather is at its even mildest form of cold normally you here me complain “I’m freezing” but these last few months I walk around outside in a jacket most days because my skin feels like it can’t breathe most days.
My hair has gotten so thick I’m at war with it in the morning.
My skin has gone from decent to itchy, flaky, prone to eczema grrrr.
I have to sit on an ice pack three times a day or else my varicose veins will swell so bad I will find it difficult to walk or sit for that matter.
I’ve become this clingy wife who has to be joined to my husband’s hip or I feel lonely, unloved and insignificant.
I love being a mummy, an incubator for my new son and apart from the odd random pains and ailments I love being pregnant but damn!

Can’t wait till my boy is here and my hormones are back under the control of my nexplanon implant!


~Lady Blaze~


2 thoughts on “Random short post; Hormones

  1. Aw, you’re allowed to be clingy when you’re preggers! Hormones are the devil! I was a little crazy before but sometimes now I am fight-you-for-the-last-french-fry-crazy and then cry about it. lol


    • hahaha i hate it, i miss just being me and free, but these damn hormones im like “can i sit outside the toilet and wait for you husband dear, I miss you already” hahahaha xx


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