We are family I got all my sisters with me :D

They say ‘Diamonds’ are a girls best friend, but not for me. The greatest friendships I hold are family.

Meet My Sisters:

Cerise aka ‘the bald one’

We have a 10 year age gap and for such a young age (19 years old) she has such a level of maturity in a lot of situations it boarders on scary. I envy she never has friend drama in her life and the only time she unfortunately did have to encounter a toxic friend I gladly intervened and made sure that person was never to return to hurt my precious sister again.

Me and Cerise

Me and Cerise

My sister is brave, funny, ridiculously beautiful again another trait I envy about her and she knows it but we don’t let it come between us because that would be down right stupid! She has grown from an annoying baby sister to this beautiful young woman.

She knows me so well that she tells me things about myself before I even know them. She is hard on me when she has to be and even though she is younger I embrace her advice because I know she says and does things that are best for me and even more so she leads by example.


Cheryl aka Chezza aka ‘the shy one’
Cheryl aka Chezza

Cheryl aka Chezza

Chezza this fantastic sister of mine is not related to me through blood but is the beautiful daughter of a previous step-dad who unfortunately is no longer with my mother.

Chezza and I

Chezza and I

Although we are not blood relatives we made a pact along with her little sister also my other younger sister Tasha who you meet shortly, that no matter what we will remain sisters and keep our strong bond. My mother and her father have had one of those famous ‘on and off again’ relationships that have lasted a life time and instead of cutting ties with the women/sisters we have come to know and love so well we put on a united front.

I love this girl she is the shy one. She never raises her voice unnecessarily or causes scenes in public. I envy this about her. She is a hard worker and committed to work life as well as family life. She has a great personality. Always organising or getting involved in good causes and most of all she loves to party with me!

Tasha aka the ‘scary one’

Tasha is the scary one a bitch I don’t care for her much to be honest…kidding, just kidding.

Me and Tasha

Me and Tasha

I love Tasha she is Cheryl’s younger sister, so my sister too. I envy how up front and brave she is in all situations. She has a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude and where some people who don’t know her well say she is ‘scary’ I know they have her all wrong because there is so much more to her than meets the eye. She is very loving and caring especially when it comes to family and things that matter to her most in her life. She is driven, focused but as like all my sisters has a fun side and loves to party up in the club until the bouncers want to throw us out.

Ever since we first met whether that be from birth or through mum’s relationships we have had a strong bond. We have regular sister nights where we watch silly movies, catch up on each others lives, go clubbing and more.

My sisters have always been there for me through thick and thin and I love them all very much.

Tasha's 18th

Tasha’s 18th

We have helped each other along in hard times, lifted each other, inspired each other and without them I seriously I would not know the value of family and friendships.

jasmines 27th (55)

I am not a violent person nor do I advocate it but for my sister I would turn into someone no one has ever seen before because I feel that protective over them and they feel the same way.

I remember one time I felt a certain way towards someone and was afraid to say something because I did not want to involve my sisters in any of my drama. I didn’t like one of their friends and being my sisters they took this on board and carried on being friends until they could see the evidence that matched my statement about me not liking that person and that’s when my sisters also decided they did not like or want to be involved with that person.

jasmines 27th (56)

There have been times where unfortunately I have brought toxic friendships into our symbolic and sacred ‘sister time’ as we like to call it and these friendships have threatened to come between what I have with my sisters but unfortunately for those past friends it didn’t work because we are stronger than that. jasmines 27th (9)I look up to my sisters for pulling me out of those situations and even trying to warn me when they can clearly see a friendship that is bad for my health or going to crash and burn.

There has been so many good times with my sisters from day trips to Brighton on a cold wintry ‘summer’ day (that’s Britain for you). Snacking, gossiping and crying from so much laughter.

There’s been parties, clubs and sleepover’s that always involve some crazy event in the middle like people in our group getting arrested (not the sisters of course, friends of sister group) to me doing press up’s in the middle of the dance floor after drinking way too much.100_0750

I can honestly say there has never been a time where I have felt like I have hated any of my sisters even in an argument. I rarely argue with my sisters but if I do, just 5 mins of them not talking to me is so unbearable I beg forgiveness even if I was not in the wrong because I love them so much.100_2102

I love how they dislike who I dislike and welcome the people I love. I also love they are fair and if I dislike someone for what they consider a hasty decision they don’t immediately dislike them but try to get me to see why I am being foolish. In the same way when I think someone deserves a second chance my sisters welcome them with open arms but then they when I ask for a third, fourth and fifth I get the ‘scary’ one giving me the ‘look’ the ‘bald’ one screams and the ‘shy’ one just buries her head and I know I’m acting the fool and its time to fix up and face reality.

These are not my only sisters I have other half sisters that my dad has so kindly had a helping hand into bringing into the world and I am ashamed to say we are not as close as we hadn’t always had the chance to nurture our bond as I have with Cerise and my Cheryl & Tasha.28th Birthday at Storm Leceister Sq (181)

However I love all my sisters and don’t deter the idea of getting to know them better and I hope they feel the same way.

~Lady Blaze~

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