Ivory Queen aka My Moon

blog (6)I met “Ivory” in 2010. Straight away I was absolutely fascinated. She is absolutely stunning. Looking at her she reminded me of a well known fairytale ‘Snow White’ because her flawless complexion is so pale and her hair is so strikingly dark.

THE HAIR I have never seen such beautiful, long, dark, silky, shiny hair on someone other than a hair model in a television advertisement. Not only is it so shiny and smooth its so straight! I nicknamed her ‘my favourite Chinese girl’ on first meeting her. I demanded to know her secret and pressed her about which ‘GHD straightner’ she owned. It made her laugh.blog (2)

THE FACE Such a pure innocent face. A complexion so clear she puts porcelain dolls to shame. She has the sweetest smile and sweetest nature to go with it. She is one of the loveliest women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We clicked instantly. As much as I was astounded by her beauty and grace, she has always been fascinated by my twisted sense of humour. We have not once fallen out and in the times of awkwardness she quickly diffuses a situation with her pleasant charm.blog (5)

THE PULL There has been times I have wanted to pull away and retract to spare drama but somehow she always manages to keep me close and stop me from running. Everyone has a dark side but with “Ivory” from what I have seen I am her only darkness being her “Ebony” another thing we like to joke about.

THE INCLUSION One of “Ivory’s” traits I love the most is the ability to make me feel included. Although I met her through my sister I have never felt like “her sisters friend”. I would never introduce her either as “my sister’s friend” or describe her that way. We don’t purely interact only when my sister is present or communicate solely about my sister.chezzas 21st (2)

THE MEMORIES I remember one special occasion where she had missed my birthday and I was so upset that she couldn’t make it. However to my surprise even though she lives quite a long distance from my home, even though she was coming alone, and even though I told “Ivory” I missed her at the celebrations but understood why she couldn’t attend and wouldn’t hold it against her she visited me anyways with a card, present and best of all; her company for hours. I was so happy that day. It is the little things and I don’t think she realised how much it meant to me (until she reads this) and how much I appreciated that visit, that day, back then and appreciate her. Many at time she has offered ears and a shoulder when I haven’t felt my best. I haven’t always taken her up on her offer but again I have appreciated such gestures. She has invited me to special occasions with her closest friends and family, I am never forgotten and again it fills my heart with such warmth and joy . There has been nights where we have stayed up late on whatsapp (a messenger app) for hours talking ludicrous things; from how I like to stalk her to meetings and secret rendezvous’ in dark alleys (inside jokes).blog (3)

THE PRAISE “Ivory” has been blessed with a little angel. She has recently given birth to a darling little girl. “Ivory’s” wonderful traits and whole being already show me she is going to be a fantastic mother. She will be caring, supportive, fun and most of all loving. She has been the moon in my night sky since I first met her because she shines so brightly even in the darkest of times. “Ivory” is not selfish, hateful, vengeful or aggressive, she probably doesn’t even know what those words mean. This woman is strong, courageous and fair. Her daughter will grow to be as admirable as her mother, and mother’s mother who has raised “Ivory” so well. “Ivory’s” daughter will want for nothing and know true love forever.baby bump hayley


Dear Ivory, You are truly beautiful inside and out and I would wish you all the best in motherhood but it is almost though you have been preparing for this role your whole life, with the kind of person I know you to be. I am proud to call you my friend, I am so glad to see you so happy and blessed and wish you more happiness and blessings to come! You deserve all the love and happiness that is coming your way with this new journey that you are on, and I am always here for you, your weird, slightly unstable funny friend. Forever “my favourite Chinese girl”, love you. xxx

p.s For “Ivory’s” Princess remember these wise words ‘DO IT AGAIN!’ (another inside joke)sienna and i christmas 2013







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