Shinel says she is less than 5 minutes away and I haven’t got dressed yet let alone slapped on my make up to pretty myself for her. So I rush as fast as I could to make myself presentable and glamorous.


Shinel and I

She phones me mid first coat of eye shadow applied I said I’d be ready in 5 minutes. When I go to join her in the car 10 minutes later she looks beautiful as always and so young. She has her curly spaghetti extensions freshly done and it makes her look like she did back in high school. I love her smile. She compliments me but I can’t stop staring at her. She makes me blush when it registers that she said I looked nice. We begin our journey in more ways than one.

We laugh and joke all the way to the parlour both secretly nervous. It had been 3 years since my last tattoo and I couldn’t remember if it was painful or not. I was also nervous because this was it we were getting each others initials engraved on each other this was big. She also made it clear that she was definitely in love with me a few days before we were making this trip which made it clear to me that this is what I definitely wanted to do. She loves me and it made me so happy to hear her admit that because I had needed to hear that in so long.

At the tattoo parlour we wait anxiously for them to book us in and awaiting our turn excitedly in our chair. She touches me subtly, to ordinary on lookers eyes but I know she does it because she is telling me she loves me. With every look, touch and gesture I know she loves me and I feel secure. Just her head on my shoulder sends shivers down my spine.

She goes in the chair first and she is finding it difficult to hide her pain. She is so beautiful. Her smile, her eyes, her belly, all her curves I just want to reach out and touch her. Grab her out of the chair, out of the tattooists clutches take her home and make love to her all day long.

Matching Tattoos for life

Matching Tattoos for life

Next we swap and its my turn, I take a deep breath and wait for the needle to penetrate my skin, and it’s not so bad in fact it tickles me more than it hurts. She watches me get my tattoo done and every time I look her I grin widely. She is perfect in every way.BEST FRIEND TATTS (4)

We look at the finished results excitedly we finally have a symbol of our love etched onto our skin until we perish. We go to pay and she has no money, it was more funny than embarrassing. I pay and then we go eat at KFC. Just sitting close to her gives me butterflies. There is more laughter just as there has been throughout the whole day.

Afterwards we pick up Miyah from Steven’s house and we go back to my mothers’. We watch the one of the movies she brought me for Christmas ‘Witches’ while she does her hair in straight extensions as she doesn’t like the spaghetti look even though I adore it. For the first time in ages we talk intensely and I look her in the eye even though, like I tried to explain to her before the more I look her in the eye the more I want to kiss her and touch her and true to form the heat is giving me a stroke. I love her soft smile, her soft voice and her shy way. I bite my lip because all I can think about while looking at her is in fact biting her. She tells me her worries about the Ex and I tell her not to worry. I want to comfort her but after the tattoo’s we are both sore and regardless of that detail I know if I comforted her at the point I wouldn’t be able to stop my hands from wandering let alone want to stop them.

She stays past dawn doing her hair, chatting, smiling and relaxing with me and my sister and I feel happy. The whole night my gaze does not leave her. Once she finishes her hair she looks even more beautiful than she did when she entered the flat earlier this evening and I wonder to myself how she maintains such natural beauty even though I had watched her do her hair all night.

When she leaves I do not want her to go but I know it wont be the last time I see her but I also pray the gap between now and then will not be long. Her work schedule and mine mean it will be difficult to see each other regularly but I have faith that this time she will try…

Lady Blaze



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