Birth of My first daughter

The pain started to feel more and more like period pain and i thought ‘great another sleepless night I might as well get up’. so i dragged myself to the toilet and when i finished  and was about to pull up my knickers i noticed i was bleeding . I immediately started panicking and shouted shauns name which immediately woke him up (which was unuasual because he is usually such a deep sleeper). I told him what was happening and starting rushing around looking for the hospital number to call.

Poor Shaun was so tired the week before had been rough on him as he had the flu and had been off work all week feeling poorly and weak he was due to go into work in a few hours and I had already kept him up as late as 1:30am talking nonsense as usual lol.

I found the number for the birth centre and told them in an alarmed voice what was happening and they calmly told me to come into the labour ward on the 3rd floor as quick as possible.

I was in shock I thought to myself why they would want me to come into the labour ward my waters haven’t broken. I then phoned my mum and gave her an update on the recent events she was half asleep and dazed as she had only recently fell asleep after getting in from a late one at the pub she asked me what my plan was and I screamed excitedly that she was the plan and I wanted her to come and pick me up and drive me to the hospital at which point my waters broke and I told her I felt like I was pissing myself continuously.

At this point she woke up a bit more and said yep that sounds like they have broken and confirmed she would be round to pick me up soon.

Next I told Shaun to get ready because mum would be round soon and at this time in the morning it was more than likely there would be no traffic. After this I went into the lounge and woke up my little sister who was sleeping on the living room couch I said “come and Cerise get ready mums coming soon I’m having my baby” to which she replied “what do you mean your having the baby?”

When she realised what was happening she quickly put her clothes over her pyjamas as I suggested and waited for mum.


When mum arrived she came upstairs to brush her teeth, hair and spray perfume I said “Are you meeting a special doctor there or something?”, and kept making comments like “you came from the pub? Are you drunk?” just silly jokes as I knew when her grandson was born it were an uncomfortable experience for her but something we were ok laughing about now 10 months on.

We made our way to the car 5 minutes later me walking uncomfortably with all this water gushing out onto my pad. We made it to the hospital a short time later and made our way to the labour ward reception. They booked me in and I was shown to my room.

The midwife told me to take down my knickers which I did I she looked at my pad only to find that my water was a very strange colour – it was brownish. The baby had opened its bowels inside of me which was a sure sign that my baby was definitely on her way….

There were a lot of complications with the birth of my little angel. Her trace on the monitor kept going up and down and I wasn’t feeling any heavy contractions even before my epidural. Because of these problems the doctors try to get a sample of her blood from her head when I was only 1-2centimetres dilated – PAINFUL. The first doctor could not do it and so the second doctor tried and when he was unsuccessful it was decided that if Amarie’s trace did not show signs of improvement I would have to have a caesarean as the doctor was scared if we left her too long she would lose oxygen and not survive.

Although the thought of a caesarean scared me losing Shaun’s baby scared me even more so when they gave me consent forms to sign for the c-section although I was scared out of my mind, crying uncontrollably and wondering were my mother and Shaun in fact were I signed the forms.


A few hours after I started labour mum had gone to do her morning shift at work and Shaun had gone home to get some rest for the big event, but luckily I had my sister there with me which kept me smiling and a little calmer than if I was left completely alone.


 The doctors and midwives were preparing me for surgery and had given me an epidural, Cerise had changed into scrubs and looked so cute. The doctors tried once again to get a blood sample from Amarie’s head and thankfully not only did her trace pick up but when they were prodding around although I could feel the pressure it no longer felt painful. Also even better Shaun arrived just in time to hold my hand while they were doing this he had swapped places with Cerise and was in scrubs just like she was he look so sexy.

The doctors brought me back to the main delivery ward and were hoping that Amarie’s trace would stay steady and so that I could give a normal birth.

Shaun had not eaten and since I was only 4cm dilated and everything seemed fine as the doctors finally got a good blood sample from her head I suggested he should go and get something to eat. He didn’t leave until I was 8cm dilated and only had 2 to go which the midwife confirmed could take another 30 minutes to an hour and  a half for my dilation to be complete so he went to the canteen.

Funny enough I dilated pretty quickly and was worried he wouldn’t be back in time as the nurse I suggested I start pushing I kept delaying the time as I wanted my mum and Shaun with me.

Unexpectedly junior turned up when I had my legs wide open and my genitals on show and I was mortified thankfully he didn’t come in and I screamed at him to go and find Shaun which he did and I was so grateful when Shaun turned up with my mum.

He held my hand and stroked my head helping me push.

The doctor had said I needed to push the baby out within half an hour otherwise there could be more complications. After a few good pushes the doctor put a ventose cap which looked like a plunger on the baby’s head. I was supposed to push while they used this tool to help suck the baby out.

ImageI pushed once and my mum said she could see the baby’s head another push and she was out and all three of us were crying – Shaun crying the hardest so hard he was scaring me and then I told the doctors to give him the baby as I didn’t feel I could hold her, I was so exhausted and suddenly in great pain as it felt like in that instance the epidural had worn off.

And that’s the story of how my little cherub was born…


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