50 Random Facts about me

I was inspired to do this list after seeing a ‘tag’ on YouTube called ’50 facts about me’
So here is a list for all my lovely followers, who I’m so excited about gaining I wanted to share this with you and let’s not forget all you sexy Facebook followers. Thanks for your continued support and keep on tuning in xxxx


1. I’m an Aquarius
2. I love astrology
3. I have one beautiful daughter which I gave birth to age 23
4. I’m married to a very romantic, loving caring man, we have been together for over 10 years.
5. We have a second baby on the way.
6. I’m non-confrontational.
7. I hate violence.
8. I give people too many chances but I’m working on changing that.
9. I love entertaining children.
10. I love changing my hair.
11. I don’t like following the crowd.
12. I’m extremely perky and bubbly on ‘normal’ days
13. I have manic depression; been diagnosed since I was 16 now it’s currently diagnosed as bi-polar.
14. I’m a strict mum.
15. I love being creative.
16. I’m obsessed with the TV show charmed.
17. I’ve been interested in witchcraft but have not engaged it since I was in high school. I love magic.
18. My favourite colour is red.
19. I’m vain.
20. I love my good friends like family.
21. I’m naturally slim I get it from my dad.
22. I love my little sister Cerise she is my world just like my daughter.
23. I’m not religious but I’m interested in Buddhism.
24. I’m terrible with accents, understanding them and copying them.
25. I’m very open.
26. I have a sexy past, that I’m currently creating into a novel.
27. I rarely hold grudges although sometimes I think I should more.
28. I love dancing.
29. I love birthdays.
30. I prefer pedicures to manicures.
31. I enjoy quiet time in the library.
32. I’m comfortable going to cinema’s alone.
33. I love romance novels and reading in general all sorts of topics.
34. I’ve experienced homelessness.
35. I care too much about other peoples feelings and let it weigh me down.
36. I’m funny and love making people laugh.
37. I was bullied at school, college and in a workplace.
38. I’m bisexual.
39. I have a big family thanks to my dad that I don’t keep enough contact with.
40. I’m a night person.
41. My favourite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.
42. My favourite food is pizza.
43. I prefer summer to winter.
44. My favourite thing to do in the sunshine is sit with a book on a green.
45. My husband and sister are the only two people that know more about me than anyone.
46. I’m a good listener.
47. I love taking photos.
48. I have bad circulation in my hands and feet.
49. I’m very intuitive.
50. I love taking naps.


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