Happy Memories

On days like this (Sunday) I like to relax and reflect on people and things that make me smile.

The little things are really important to me.

Just last summer Amarie (my daughter) and I joined my best friend’s Janice, Jasmine and her little girl at a park. While my daughter played on the equipment with Jasmine’s daughter, I sat down with my friends to giggle, gossip and watch them plays cards as I am terrible at any card game that isn’t as basic as ‘SNAP’. We stayed at the park quite a while until we all decided to go back to Janice’s an attack her kitchen. We didn’t finish up our day until late into the evening, when Janice drove us both home.


There was no fireworks, drama or anything particularly extraordinary about that day but till now it still leaves me filled with warmth.

Last year another best friend of mine turned 30. I’m terrible with gifts but being a milestone I really wanted to give her something special that she would always remember even if (universe forbid) we ended up no longer friends it was important that she knew in the moment and to this day how much I love her. i got her nickname and actual name inked on my ribs. ‘Juicy Lucie’ for everyone to see every time I wear my crop tops or something low cut.

Lucie doesn’t live close but when we spend time together its like we have never been apart. The last time she visited, it was just like we had been transported in time. We went on a McDonald’s run and as we sat in the ‘drive thru’ car park eating our fast food, giggling and chatting about random subjects.


I remembered how this felt like old times when we had first met and we would eat in our work car park or Asda’s. I also felt like I do at this very moment blessed I have her in my life.

My friend Shinel and her daughter visited me recently for my birthday. We left our daughters too torture and terrify my husband while we went for dinner, a treat on her for my birthday.


She gave me the sweetest message in my birthday card that touched my heart. Like many other memorabilia its one i will be keeping for my scrap books.


If she would have just posted the message alone and not treated me to a meal I would have been happy.

When I was sick and my appearance scared and worried some so much so that they couldn’t bring themselves to visit me, my friend Amy came and hung out with me all day and early evening. She sat close to me watching films and chilling with me unaffected by what I looked like and acted like there was nothing different about me, that brightened up my day just with that.


Although my illness aggravated me and caused physical pain being a comfort Amy still greeted me with a big hug and another one when she left. Another memory that makes me smile on the inside and out.

Another fond memory I have of someone who’s name I won’t mention is another person who looked after me when I was sick with simple stomach pains. I was there to in fact care for her but somehow it ended up the other way round when I suddenly started feeling unwell at her home. She stroked my belly, made me special tea and gave me medicine. She lay in my arms and we cuddled up watching a movie in silence until I felt better again. Although extremely temperamental, when we were alone, separate from everyone else she would always show me this kind of compassion that not a lot of other people was lucky enough to experience.

My sisters always make me smile. A night in with them is always filled with “belly laughter” the kind where you laugh so hard your belly hurts and tears stream down your face.


The last sister night in we had left me laughing to myself for days. We all had competitive stories about who’s dad was the funniest. I won.

My husband fills me with joy if not all day then at least once a day. Recently it was really late at night I was feeling frustrated with all my hormones seeming to have a hold on me.


I was sitting in the living room unwinding to some music when he comes in extends his hand and says “may I have this dance”. We slow dance, slower than usual as whenever my husband is near baby wakes up and starts kicking for attention. As we swayed to the music so did baby. My husband whispered “I love you both so much” and to my amazement with my new weight picked me and bump up, spun us around while singing to the song we were dancing too.

My mum, my sister and I have been to “M&M world”,


have seen “The Lion King” in the theatre and swimming together to name a few activities. We have shared many silly, memorable, fun times together. Even without the pictures I hold I can remember most of the times we have spent picking on each other, laughing with one another and generally bonding.

These are just a few of the people and instances that make me smile.

Sometimes I feel lonely and then I remember I am surrounded by such lovable people that make me feel like I am so special. I have quite a few best friends who love me despite my wacky, weird personality and what some might say despicable flaws. A husband and family that loves me and I appreciate them all.

My husband makes me feel beautiful and confident. We discuss beautiful women all the time even our crushes but he always shows me and makes me feel like I will always be his number one.

My friends make me feel like I am so magical, fascinating and funny. The way they look and pay attention to me when I speak its so powerful and gives me such positive energy.

My family make me feel like I am royalty. Ever since I was little I have been loved, spoiled and treated like the most praised. I am the firstborn on my mothers side and generation of her family. They have raised me to lead, be confident and embrace who I am.

Not everyone is as lucky as me but let me tell you if you have just a fraction of what I have or something entirely different that makes you happy, you are blessed. Hold onto that, appreciate it, embrace and maximise it if you can, because its the little things that make us feel happy and complete.

What makes you smile?


~Lady Blaze~


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