Day 14: A Love poem poem for yourself

Your beautiful your kind,
Writing makes you unwind.
You love everyone intensely,
And most love you back immensely.
Your strong, your brave,
Take one step a day!
Your a mother, your a wife, a sibling and friend,
The list could go on but it may never end.
You attract stares wherever you go,
People are fascinated, and its you they want to know.
You make people laugh, smile and bring them such light,
If love was ever wrong, you’d never be right.
You can be sensitive and sometimes shy,
If there’s anything you hate; its fights and goodbyes.
You dance with the moon, and dance with the sun,
You believe life is for living and having fun.
Haters can’t stand to see you do well,
This only motivates you to excel.
Sometimes you care a little too much,
People use you as their crutch.
Although you are wise you make common mistakes,
But even you deserve a break.
I love you because you try your best,
I love you because your unique and not like the rest.
Your perfectly imperfect and thats ok,
Love yourself, your fabulous, stay that way.


~Lady Blaze~


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