Forbidden (Diary Entry 2006)

I think I’ve fallen for you – at first by mistake,

My stress levels are high and boo won’t give me a break.

I think about you all the time, I think about you too much,

Pondering to myself “when will I get the next touch?”

I love the way you look at me then shyly coy away,

You once pretended to not like me – I got upset and you phoned me straight the next day.

What’s on your mind? You never actually say, you’re too clever for that or some might say you’re sly,

You and I are two of a kind that’s why you make me smile.

I love your sibling more he has treated me so well,

What’s done is done but yet I still can’t help but dwell.

Confused passion with excitement and love with lust,

I thought I loved you once; I don’t but sleeping with you is a must.

Could you imagine if I did love you? How long could it have lasted?

You wouldn’t want commitment and in return I would be blasted.

You are a good friend we laugh and have a great deal of fun,

Anything further than that and boo would obtain an unlicensed gun.

The times we’ve enjoyed together indeed I’ll never forget,

I’ve enjoyed our situation and I don’t have any regrets.

If I could have anything in the world my one wish would be,

You and your sibling belonged to me.


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