Progress – Journal Entry

Yesterday was a bad day.

Today has been better.

There was words, tears, raw emotion and then a compromise soon to be a resolution.

I let yesterday upset me after giving someone and something too much thought, power and energy.

Thank you everyone for your inbox messages and support.

My husband and I agree a family name is important to both of us and we are considering changing our surname to one completely different and separate from his and mine so that we are both making an equal sacrifice.

Everyday that man gives me a new reason to love him.

The last thing that links us to all the toxicity and horrible memories of the past is that name and as long as we bare it neither of us can let it go.

Some say its letting them win? I honestly don’t care if thats how icequeen and baby daddy see it.

The health and strength of me and my family is the most important thing to me and my husband.

Fighting my bipolar can be tough sometimes but I promised myself that this year I would not let toxic people like them break me.

Some days I can be so strong but yesterday I felt like someone had thrown a rock at my glasshouse. Fortunately it didn’t break, it made a small crack. This morning as I woke up wrapped in my husbands arms I realised the crack had been repaired.


~Lady Blaze~


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