Quench my thirst…

I’m so thirsty I need a taste right now of your forbidden fruit.
Some say its wrong but I won’t listen.
The dehydration is killing me just give me a little taste, but we both know one drop is never enough.
Nourish me, fill me, drown me in your magical liquid.
Quench my thirst.
You lead me around with that scent, wherever you go I follow.
Drip, drip, drip the site of that waterfall motivates my existence, let me play in your sea.
Let me be your maid and mop up your puddles with my special skill set.
It warms me, soothes me and keeps me on the right path.
The path that winds downstairs to where it’s hot but I don’t even blink because your coming right with me.
When I’m locked in there is no turning back, being in you is like being home.
Give me what I crave stop making me beg, you know it hurts you to see me starve.
Stand above me and let it rain I want you to make me wet.
Finally when you have no more to pour we can both smile wide, satisfied.


~Lady Blaze~


2 thoughts on “Quench my thirst…

  1. lol Love it…. feeling rather thirsty all of a sudden ;-P
    your a great writer babes- as ive always said.
    Intices me even more when i can relate :O) xxxx


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