Me sitting on top of you, you facing me staring into my breasts telling me how much you love them, want them.
I tell you I’ve missed you, you tell me you’ve missed my breasts. I tell you again and directly ask you if you missed me too you say yes you did.
I wrap myself around you from behind your back as you sit there drinking. My legs have you trapped i kiss you on the cheek and i drag you down to lay on me and i whisper ‘where have you been?’ You say ‘right here waiting for you’ i call you a liar and laugh. I asked you why you left me. I get from beneath you and sit on top of you and ask you again. You say ‘i told you i ain’t ever gonna leave. Even if we stop talking for 6 months we still cool’ i laugh again. You’ve always talked so much bullshit but i cant stop loving you.
I tell you ‘we aren’t friends’ you say ‘we will ALWAYS be friends’ how you make me laugh.
When you touch me i have to use every part of my will power to resist. I want you so bad but if i give in i know you will leave me again and i will regret it.
You admit you slept with someone as recent as a week ago and i know your just fine and getting into my pants is the same as getting into any other bitches pants.
You keep whispering ‘if you like it why you fighting it?’ But i have to fight it to keep you.
You kept trying to get your hands in my knickers and whispering ‘its not sex’ everything about you screams sex. When you whisper in my ear, when you touch me, the way you look at me mmmmm sex, sex, sex!! Everything about you sets me on fire. A fire only you can put it out. Loooooove me. I want to keep you. But i know no one gets to keep you. A free spirit just like me. But why cant we be one.



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