Abuse my love

You metaphorically poke me in the head,
You choose your words wisely to make sure they sting,
You seek vengeance blindly, even when I try to explain.
You tell me you love me, then show me built up rage,
Taking it out on me again and again.
You tell me I don’t understand, walk over me like I’m useless then convince me this relationship is normal.
You tell me you love me then curse behind my back, then enforce so much pain to my face.
You say I deserve what I get and I agree but somehow it angers you further?
I worship you, I praise you, you put me in my place, I’m tired of feeling such sorrow.
I know you want to prove how you feel, you want to love me, you want us to work so badly.
Unfortunately your enthusiasm is corrupted, it got twisted somewhere.
My love and respect for you has dimmed leave me before I hate you, I can’t suffer your abuse anymore.
You loved me once, I know you did but I see now its not pure of heart.
Your temper is too easily fuelled just by my mere cool air, to carry on this thing we have going will eventually bring a murderous ending.
Go now please and never return, just remember the good times we once had.
I promise if you grant me this one wish I will never tarnish your name.


~Lady Blaze~


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