Book Snippet – My 22nd birthday celebrations

February 6th 2006 

Everyone had been invited almost 2 weeks ago. Yet less than half turned up to celebrate my birthday with me. The main thing is A**** tried to come but forgot one of her ID’s  to get into the club and had to go home. Tony tried to come but went to the wrong club at first and then when he tried to come into oceana with his mates one of them didn’t have 2 ID’s so in the end tony had to go home as well.

Meanwhile hours beforehand back at home I was getting ready with my boys (Shaun and Aaron). While Shaun was getting scrubbed up in the bathroom Aaron told me how I really looked nice in my dress. I came over all sheepish but was glad for the compliment and told him. When he told me a second time with more emphasis that I really did look nice and could he give me a “birthday kiss” I smiled coyly and walked over to where he was sitting on Shaun’s side of the bed and sat on his lap. He pulled me into him and kissed me quite passionately which was unusual because he didn’t normally show as much emotion. After snogging and Aaron cupping my breast for a while I got up off his lap to go back to where I was sitting in front of the mirror to put on some make up, which is when he then decided to pull me from behind and kiss me again this time unveiling my breast – sucking it then playing with the nipples which left me feeling really horny and extra dizzy. That was such a nice surprise as normally he doesn’t take the initiative. For example the night before he seemed as though he weren’t interested in me at all and I felt like he was blanking me the whole night yet he told Shaun he really wanted to fuck me.
So anyways went to Oceana had a really good night out – I got what was expected for a Monday night rave and the people were alright and I did my best to enjoy myself. 
Me and Shaun shared a sexy dance and was grinding to quite a few songs which made me feel great!  And then the night was over as fast as it begun.

February 7th 2006

I took the day off work for my birthday and mainly relaxed watching cartoons all day long. Aaron stayed with me and he downloaded tunes most of the time. However the time in between that was electric!!! 
Aaron and I were snogging and rubbing up against each other and at one point he picked me up and was snogging me it was so fucking intense I felt so turned on. Aaron was getting a little frustrated  that we couldn’t have sex due to me being on my ‘reds’ but what could I do? I would have been so embarrassed if it all backfired on me . He told me how much he really wanted to fuck me and how much he wanted me and that I really make him horny. He admitted that I am sexy and that he thinks I’m really cool which is why he likes being with me.
Later that night Shaun came home and I told him all about it, he was cool.

My boo was quite horny and I told him how much I wanted to fuck him but somehow he misunderstood and later when Aaron was out of the room and me and Shaun started dry humping he started talking dirty to me and asked me if I wanted to suck his brothers dick, now when he asked this I thought we were just talking dirty so I said ‘yes’ because I figured it was going to turn him on in which case I was right and it did. 
However he also thought what I had was figuratively speaking and I ended up giving both him and his brother head. Not only did I give his brother head for the first time Aaron actually came in my mouth what a big fucking cock he has man. I guess he really enjoyed himself which is why he confirmed the night afterwards when I text him to see how he was. Straight after he came in my mouth he got ready to leave I got a hug and a kiss to make sure I felt secure and not like a whore and that but I still feel odd there’s just something about Aaron I still can’t put my finger on it though and it’s bugging the hell out of me.


~Lady Blaze~


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