When he kicks me

My baby is amazing he kicks me all the time,
Junior kicks so much he inspires me to rhyme.

He kicks me in the morning to remind to eat,
How does he do so well with such tiny little feet?

He kicks me when I’m laughing – he doesn’t find me funny,
He does it so hard sometimes I stop and clutch my tummy.

He kicks me when its time for lunch he likes bacon best,
If I don’t fulfill this demand he will not rest!

He kicks me when I sit down to relax,
He rolls and swims to burrow into my back.

He kicks when he hears his daddy speaking,
Then pauses when daddy touches my bump to reach him.

He kicks when I want to sleep at night,
When he arrives he won’t be putting up that same fight!

He kicks when I feel lonely to remind me that will never be so,
The love he emits and radiates makes me glow.

He kicks me throughout the whole day,
My little boy I will love him always.


~Lady Blaze~