New Year, New Start Update!

So half way through January already and halfway through my second pregnancy.

1557725_1445113729036579_1089352494_nHow is the New Year treating you so far? Have you broken your resolutions and promises already? Is everything going as planned?

The first two weeks of January I have enjoyed.

I have entered my second trimester and although I have been diagnosed with SPD I am feeling much more happier, confident and comfortable in my pregnancy.

The first trimester was full of pain, sickness and me feeling miserable. I was tired, felt ugly, frumpy and constantly nauseous. I was emotional beyond belief! I would cry at every cute family advert, film or even children’s programs. I would get angry at people so quickly and act aggressive for no real good reason. I was a state!

Finally second trimester I am feeling like myself. Bubbly, vain and overly perky. I can’t stop smiling and laughing. I’m constantly rubbing my tummy and talking to my bump and looking through all sorts of baby forums and downloading every baby app there is waiting anxiously to meet my new baby!

I found out baby is a boy and I am naming him after my husband. I attended the ultrasound scan with my sister and her best friend and when we found out the gender we all cheered and screamed “YES!” at the same time. Tears soaked my face when I found out I am having a healthy baby boy. His features are so beautiful. The scan revealed he is going to have big eyes and big lips. He looked perfect. I constantly look at the scan photo repeating “wow you are my perfect little boy”. Of course I would have acted the same way if I found out I was having a little girl, it would be like repeating history and raising the little girl me and my husband already have has been a constant joy.1557404_1445051749042777_46950785_o

I brought a blue balloon saying “it’s a boy” to surprise my husband with the sex as he couldn’t attend this scan due to the time clashing with school run and we had no one to pick up our daughter from school that afternoon. I wore that balloon from the shop to home so proudly. I wanted to tell complete strangers of my joy. I wanted them to feel what I was feeling; extremely high. The kind of high that lasts all week.

When our daughter found out she is going to have a little baby brother she screamed “YES” too. When I returned home she told me to show her bump as if she could see through with ultrasound scan eyes. She said “he is getting big mummy” and I replied “yes he is”. We are all so happy right now.19 weeks 4 days (16)

My business adventure has started too! Although I initially failed my exam to start on this venture, I had to ignore my pride and re-sit because I am determined to be successful this year. So I re-sat and this time I passed and I start my training later on today. I meant it when I said I am going to make this year my year and because I believe in myself and have so much love and support from others I know I will do this.

When I received my confirmation email that I had a place on the course I wanted I screamed for the second time that day as this was hours after I found out the gender of my son. To most its such a little thing, but to me and my family its the little things that mean everything to us.

Here’s to the rest of my life!


~Lady Blaze~