Diary of High School Love

This is a snippet of fiction I wrote back in the summer of 1998…enjoy.


The phone was clamped to my head next to my right ear. I could hear my man on the other end and on the other side of me, in my left ear I could hear traffic.
“Sarah, please come over I haven’t seen you for three days! I really miss you.” he claimed.
“Carlton, don’t even joke! You know you only miss the sex! ”. I cut Carlton off and tried to forget about him for the rest of the day.

The next day at school I confided in my best friend Kerry. She was a good friend. she’s a good listener and she’s there when I need a shoulder to cry on.
“Kerry, what do you think about older guys?” I asked her nervously.
“well you know I’m going out with a college student and…”
“Yeah I know I mean guys that are in their forties though?” I jumped in.
“As long as their good looking and he takes care of me I suppose that’s alright, oh and money. You know we like to gold dig” Kerry chuckled.
“What’s this about anyway?” She questioned.
“Well please keep this a secret Kerry and I mean KEEP IT A SECRET!” I pleaded.
“I swear on my Levi’s life”. Levi was her current boyfriend.
“Ok well I’m dating this guy Carlton and next year he’s going to be 41 years old…” I started. “He is really handsome, he has quite a bit of money as he owns his own business and he takes care of me….and I…I…” I stuttered, “just guess”.
“What I don’t know” Kerry said excitedly.
“I lost my virginity to him 2 weeks ago and now I just feel like the only reason he calls me is because he expects a little something” Just as Kerry was about to give me some friendly advice the end of the break buzzer rung.
“Sarah, wait for me outside the P.E department at lunch and we can talk more about it later ok? See you later.”
As me and Kerry went our separate ways I couldn’t stop thinking about a week ago when me and Carlton went shopping he brought a dozen roses from the stall outside the shoe shop in Ealing Broadway.
We went to Marks & Spencer’s and he insisted that he pay for my new lingerie that I had picked out, it was embarrassing but he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. We both went into Arcadia’s ‘Photo-me-Booth’ and got four matching pictures of us kissing passionately, we had so much fun that day.
I also reminisced the first time I went to his apartment, the time he phoned my house and my mum answered and my heart skipped a beat. It turned out my mum thought he just had a deep voice for a teenaged boy!

Suddenly the buzzer rang and I snapped out of my day dream to realise I had not paid attention for the whole of the lesson.
I met with Kerry for lunch.
“Anyway as I was saying at break time, I think Carlton is just using me for sex and taking advantage of the fact that I am younger than him? I don’t know” I said in a frustrated tone.
“Sarah I think you should stick with this man, I still cant believe you finally lost your virginity! And to this older guy!! So how was it?!”
“Rough! But gentle if you know what I mean?” I giggled to myself.

I left straight for home after the end of the school day. As I approached the front door to the family home I heard the landline ringing. I rushed inside and up the stairs to answer the phone. It was Carlton.
“Is that Sarah?”
“yes, Carlton”
“Hi, I’m sorry about this morning, but I still really want to see you tonight?”
“No, I cant sorry”
“why not”
“Because I still feel the same way and I need time to think”
“Cha! Fine! Bye!” And with that Carlton hung up the phone.


~ Lady Blaze~