From Carlos with Love…

Your assumptions of me hurt like a curved knife in the back,
You know me better than most.
So please take a step back and rethink what you say and how you say to someone who loves you as dear as I.
So strong, but I see you, I know your frailties.
I tiptoe around your heart, like a frozen lake.
Blood is thicker than water, but you and I merged to become family long ago.
You are rare and precious to me like a rare coloured diamond.
People judge my story of ink on my body and make their own deductions of you from what that see etched on my rib.
All they need to know is I love you.
The outsiders don’t bother me anymore I’ve left them all behind, but you my dear are special don’t look at me with those people’s eyes.
You say your fine but you hide behind a smoky mirror, let me fan the fog away.
I’ve been with you on your journey from the moment you invited me in.
I have no gold coins, no medication or healing hands but what I do have money will never buy.
Wherever you have been, where ever you are now and where ever you are going you forever hold a great piece of my heart.
I don’t always understand, won’t ever pretend I do, but I know that your journey is not over.
You will find what you seek, hold what you most crave, fulfill that hole that seems so agape right now.
Patience seems like a myth when the clock is ticking so loudly, I promise in the end everything will work out how it is meant to be.
You think I’m blessed because of what I carry. I’m blessed because I have you.


~Lady Blaze~