Circle of friendship

Enjoyed such a wonderful day with good friends yesterday. There was laughter, chatter, snacks and so much love in the room. Definitely a good start to the new year. I was a little stressed with some financial mishaps and issues but relaxing with friends and a new arrival in the form of a baby girl helped me feel at ease and embrace the true spirit of the new year and new beginnings.
Part of the evening I was feeling sluggish due to my gastroenteritis playing up, but I was so happy to be amongst these wonderful women enjoying their company; I stayed as long as I could.
Its nice sometimes to just sit back, relax and take in all the love and appreciate what really matters.
Having this circle of friends and family reminds me of a wedding ring. The shape, form and strength but most importantly what it symbolises. An everlasting love so strong it can’t be broken.

Note: anyone who has had to suffer gastroenteritis or some sort of tummy bug/intestinal virus a shot of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!!! Pain eased instantly!

~Lady Blaze~


Lady Blaze ~ Like the phoenix rises through the ashes, I rise up through the pain.


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