First Born and Baby Bump Poem

As I sit here with my hands firmly placed on my bump,
I think to myself I cant believe this is the second time im going to be a mum!
The midwives assure me its easy after the first,
The last six and a half years in my daughter I have been immersed.
I love my first born she has changed my life,
3 years after giving birth to her, I became a wife!
I learned to laugh a whole lot more,
At things I didn’t think were funny before.
I discovered I could speak a strange language one very different from my own,
It was a must in order to understand her gurgles and groans.
Were so alike; her and I,
We have the same smile and sparkle in our eye.
Were different too our personalities often clash,
She is the logical thinker and I’m the one who always acts so rash!
I once held her entire body in just the palm of my hand,
Now she stands so tall and grand.
I picked her up when she fell,
Nursed her until she was well,
Held her when she cried,
Taught her not to lie,
Its amazing how the time flies by.
Now I have another child growing inside me,
How will she act with a new baby?
Everyday bump grows she becomes more fascinated,
I look at first born and know she will never be underrated.
She is my world and the new baby is already too,
First born and baby bump I love both of you.



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