I will not lose my way

A new dawn has broken I’m surrounded in so much light,
A new year, new moon, new chance and a fresh outlook.
The old scars are still there but I’ve left them alone, no more fussing, picking or reopening.
I don’t regret and I won’t forget they are a constant reminder of past mistakes I will not return too.
Past hurt  I’ve since recycled into strength.
Humanity, society, economy and technology continues to evolve into something fascinating and today I won’t be left behind.
So much to see, do and explore and am ready for a new adventure.
Too long I have missed out on beautiful surroundings, focusing on people and situations that didn’t need me only wanted to hold me back.
I was weak and wasn’t equipped for the danger that stood on my road to discovery.
Now I am strong, stand taller and march with pride.
A backpack of courage, an accessory belt of logic and my heart is finally locked away in my chest as opposed to sitting so obviously on my sleeve.
I have tools which includes life long companionships, love, information and support in my handbag.
Most importantly I have a map firmly imprinted in to my brain.
This year, this time; I will not lose my way. I may be diverted and have to find other routes to reach my destination but I WILL NOT LOSE MY WAY.

~Lady Blaze~

Love.Peace. Positivity.

Lady Blaze ~ Like the phoenix rises through the ashes, I rise up through the pain.


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